When someone
we love becomes
a memory,
that memory
a treasure.
Kanzashi are
tangible treasures
for you to keep.

I make Memorial Kanzashi to help people through
their grief.

Memorial Kanzashi

Memorial kanzashi are $25 each, including shipping, and will come to you in a nice display box. If you are interested in having kanzashi created for you, please call me (540-327-4357) or e-mail me so that we can discuss arrangements for getting the fabric to me and for returning the memorial kanzashi to you. I cannot accept credit cards, so you would need to send a check or money order with your fabric. You will be a part of the design process as I create this for you and I will deposit your check only after I know you are pleased with the memorial kanzashi that you receive.

Anne brought me her mother’s burgundy velvet wedding dress, an 80-year-old treasure, and had me create a formal kanzashi in memory of her mother and to honor a most significant day in her mother’s life.

My Sister Judy

When my dear sister died from cancer, I made a colorful kanzashi from her favorite bathrobe. Wearing this flower helps me to honor my sister’s life and keep her close. Below is a photo of me with my sister Judy.


My trip to Ireland was a pilgrimage for me, as I walked where Judy walked and saw what she saw. I took a memorial kanzashi, created from her colorful bathrobe, to the Cliffs of Moher and left it there, attached to this white chain that surrounded a small garden. This small part of Judy remained behind in the spot she most loved in all of Ireland.
Judy’s kanzashi was lovingly placed at the very end of these dramatic seaside cliffs.

My Mother
Mama loved to wear blue! This shirt was one of her favorites. I wear the memorial kanzashi from this shirt on my mother’s July 25 birthday, her June 8 death date, and many other times when I simply want to bring her closer to me.



My Father
This was one of Daddy’s favorite shirts. Cotton shirts like this work beautifully!

Bereavement Support
After Judy died, I joined a local bereavement support group and began to create memorial kanzashi for group members. Jim brought me two shirts that had belonged to his wife Lorraine, who died unexpected in 2009. In 2010, on the first anniversary of her death, Jim brought me two of Lorraine’s favorite shirts and asked me to create eleven kanzashi for him to give to family and friends for Christmas. It is such an honor to be a part of helping others to process their deep losses.