Just as living
flowers uplift,
your kanzashi
will brighten
your mood
you choose
to wear it.

Kanzashi for Events

Kanzashi can be used to spice up other occasions besides weddings. In the fall of 2010 I worked with an amazing Amelia Island “mover and shaker”, Dickie Anderson (right), to help plan the first High Tide Women’s Weekend, an event planned by and for women. We chose teal as our signature color and I made about 20 teal kanzashi for our planning committee and volunteers to wear, to add a “pop” of fun and to symbolize our strength as women. We grew to call this wonderful color High Tide Teal.

Kanzashi make wonderful gifts when traveling! In June of 2011 I traveled to Ireland, my “trip of a lifetime” that was financed mostly by my kanzashi business. I took red, white and blue kanzashi to give to B&B proprietors and new friends along the way. Here is Rita, one of the B&B proprietors, proudly wearing her new kanzashi on her red “church jacket”!
Kanzashi can be worn as a symbol of your own healing and strength after a cancer diagnosis, and I learned this first-hand in 2005 after hearing the terrifying words: ovarian cancer. My teal kanzashi reminds me how strong I really am, and of the healing activities I now choose to weave into my days.
A number of my friends and acquaintances have dealt with breast cancer, and we all become “sisters” as we grow to know what this brings to our lives. I like to make pink kanzashi for these sisters, to help them to honor their strength, courage and healing.