Just as
living flowers
uplift, your
kanzashi will brighten your
mood whenever
you choose
to wear it.

Ordering Custom Kanzashi

Three of the most popular occasions for having kanzashi made are for weddings, other special events, and to keep close the memory of loved ones.

Of course, custom kanzashi can be made for gifts, for special occasions,
or just for yourself! You can specify that your custom kanzashi be a pin, pendant, barette, hair pin, or Christmas tree ornament. See examples on my Wearing Your Kanzashi page.


Pin Options:
If you would like a pin, I can add a typical pin backing or I can add a magnetized backing.

The best fabrics for me to work with are cottons, cotton blends, linens, lightweight denim, and silks. Some thin polyester fabrics will work but others do not work as well. When I receive your fabric, I can let you know immediately if it is a fabric that will work. The most common items I receive are shirts, dresses and ties, but I can work with skirts, handkerchiefs, pajamas, thin cotton bathrobes, and lightweight jackets. Cotton shirts work beautifully.
I have a variety of buttons that I can use. Typically, a 7/8” button works best. I will always make sure that you like the buttons I choose for your memorial kanzashi. I typically send photos of choices by e-mail, so that you can be a part of the process of creating something that you will treasure. You may wish to send significant buttons to me, along with your fabric.
Another possibility is for you to simply send me significant buttons and I will pair the button with a nice fabric. I paired this special blue crystal button with a simple black fabric.
My friend Carol gave me a pair of vintage clip-on earrings and I used one of them to create the center of this kanzashi. Seven months later, Carol died after a long battle with ovarian cancer. I wear this kanzashi and hold her in my heart.
I used a special button to create a memorial kanzashi for my Aunt Gladys. The button had belonged to my dear grandmother (“Nanny”), Gladys’s mother. I used a pink fabric, since pink and red were Nanny’s favorite colors!
These were all significant buttons for various reasons. The black and white button was on a sweater that my mother gave me for Christmas one year.The button with the heart was from another gift.The pink button was on one of my grandmother’s favorite coats.
I paired this unusual square button with a wonderful batik fabric.